Frequently Asked Questions

Engineer Hazem Tahssin is the owner and managing director of HAZEM TAHSSIN and Davila Collection

Our Products are handcrafted in three different production centers in Cairo, Alexandria and Damietta

All HAZEM TAHSSIN furniture products are made out of hardwood beech

The painting finish whether wood finish, lacquer, gilded or silver is customizable, however we recommend sticking to the original painting finish in order to preserve the aesthetic qualities of the design, the same thing apply to the marble, glass, brass and other furniture finishes and accessories

Yes we do. Our custom-made program ranges from amending our products to handcrafting an entire new product based on the client needs. Each custom-made project ranges in time, duration and cost.

We have a fixed price policy and all our transactions are not open to bargaining 

Yes. At HAZEM TAHSSIN there are no “hidden charges”, our prices are all inclusive; they cover delivery, lifting and installment.

Unless you are buying a readymade product (Floor samples), prices don’t include fabrics.

Depends on our production line and since our products are handmade and customized it’s always better to place your order as early as possible.