Dinning Room

Dinning Room / D118

François I &Eléonored’Autriche (1515-1547)

Under Francis I's patronage, Italian artists brought the Renaissance to France. Furniture was mainly made out of wood, often walnut or willow and was usually rich in style, with many inlays of ivory, gold, stone, marble or other precious elements, and often were decorated with marquetry.

Dining room InEléonored’Autriche Style

The elegant leaves carving deliver the dining room a stunning and functional presence, reflecting classic style with tremendous Vitrine with two glassdoors. The rich solid wood dinning boasts a golden decorative framing for unexpected appeal.Constructed from beechwood, brown ronj with root wood veneer finish.Handcrafted in Egypt.

Components of Eléonored’Autrichedining


  • 245W x 0.56D x 220H
  • 110W x 0.50D x 220H
Dining Tables
  • 220W x 120D x 0.83H
Dining Chair
  • 0.60W x 0.50D x 110H
NOTE: This piece is offered with the choice of custom paint or stain colors and various finishing, including the marble & the fabrics as well. Delivery Time: Three Months