Dinning Room

Dinning Room / D120

Louis XIV & Marie Thérese style (1643-1715)
Louis XIV-style furniture acknowledged the king as having absolute power in its flurry of materials and design motifs.
World trade and the beginnings of empire were bringing a new level of wealth to the crown, and Louis XIV used furnishings and grandness of the royal palace at Versailles as an expression of wealth and power. The resources he used to create the 17th-century version of visual shock-and-awe in a grand castle are also reflected in the more elaborate materials incorporated into the Louis XIV style. Solid-silver furniture was made, and other materials included ivory, tortoise-shell, brass, horn, and imported Japanese lacquer. These materials were used to advertise the power of the king.

Louis XIV Dining room gives you a great personality and pleasure in the living area. Realized in Louis XVI style by luxury experts, the collection includes the dining table characterized by precious inlays and an original structure. The golden frame Finishing highlights the magnitude of the carved buffet and comfortable chairs finished in acajou define the style of the room, Handcrafted in Egypt.
Components of Louis XIV dinning
• 245W x 0.56D x 220H
• 110W x 0.50D x 220H
Dining Tables
• 220W x 120D x 0.83H
Dining Chair
• 0.60W x 0.50D x 110H
NOTE: This piece is offered with the choice of custom paint or stain colors and various finishing, including the marble & the fabrics as well.
Delivery Time: Three Months