Dinning Room

Dinning Room / D116

Louis XV & Marie Leczinska (1715-1774)

Louis XV pieces grew smaller and less formal. Makers of Louis XV pieces discovered marketing to women, and pieces created for their size, work, and lifestyle became very popular. Singerie (motif of a gathering of monkeys), Chinoiserie (scenes that imitated Chinese art), Rocaille (motif of a shell or irregular pattern of a rock garden) were all natural elements that were incorporated. These motifs signaled a natural and relaxed impression of the world, but were also depicting these ideas in more elaborate and expensive materials. Pictorial decoration characterized by extravagantly swirling scrolls and whorls, casually strewn shell, flower motifs, and asymmetrical composition were significant elements of design. The rejection of the classical world and the asymmetry of growing flowers reflected an upper-class culture that felt completely in control, and perhaps represented concentrated wealth in the hands of few as the world had never seen. The ruling class in France at this time was confident of its rule over the church, the French people, a growing world empire, and even nature itself.

Dining room In Louis XV Style

This Dining table is an attribute to the original table of Louis XV. Precious wood and gilt French design and the original veneer on tabletop complete the image. Feminine table legs attract attention and give the table exclusivity, sophistication and command respect to the holder of such a luxurious furniture, Handcrafted in Egypt.

Components of Louis XV dinning


  • 245W x 0.56D x 220H


  • 110W x 0.50D x 220H

Dining Tables

  • 220W x 120D x 0.83H

Dining Chair

  • 0.60W x 0.50D x 110H
NOTE: This piece is offered with the choice of custom paint or stain colors and various finishing, including the marble & the fabrics as well. Delivery Time: Three Months